Team OCD: Moosh & Twist - Black Forest Gummie Worms

I swear High School students sometimes have the most raw potential to become big artists, because besides class, what else do you have going on? Why not write? OCD, a group from Pennsylvania, is another group that belongs to this echelon of rappers. There next mixtape Up Before the World, is set to release March 7th. The hype around the tape is immense, some people saying it'll compete for the mixtape of the year. This track, will not be on the mixtape, but is a quality preview of what you can expect quality-wise from this duo. Player and Download below:

Black Forest Gummie Worms


It's the Dean's List - The Drive-In (Mixtape)

This mixtape is absolutely dope. The anticipation for It's the Dean's List's mixtape The Drive-In was high  with their fans, especially after all the leaks and previews that they continued to put out. And honestly, i'm a few songs in, and it's amazing. The mixtape has a super chill vibe, and all the beats are absolute works of art. The production is great, and these guys are going to continue to have success with music like this. Featured below is one of the singles that they leaked from the mixtape which is one of the better produced tracks on the entire mixtape. It's more upbeat than most of the other tracks, but its still extremely well put together. You can download the mixtape from the link below the player:

The Dean's List - "La Vie"

It's the Dean's List - The Drive-In (Mixtape Download)


El Capitan - Melted

Here's some trip-hop, ambient music from a kid you've probably never heard of. Composer El Capitan enfuses his own style in all of his electronic jams. His newest project, "Melted" is very catchy and has been on repeat in my iTunes for a while. I've been following El Capitan for a while, and he is continuing to progress as a composer and a musical artist. I can't wait to hear more from him. Player and download below:

El Capitan - Melted

And if you're interested in the rest of his music, you can visit his tindeck page and preview and download until you have them all:

Tindeck - El Capitan Homepage

T-Pain - I'm Dancin (Feat. Flo Rida)

New song from Teddy Pain featuring Flo Rida. These two both go back to what made them blow up, with a catchy club track. T-Pain does his whole auto-tune thing, on the verses and the choruses, and Flo Rida comes through on the last verse, with a similar flow to that of his original single, "Low". I don't see this one turning to an top-of-the-charts hit, but I see this one surfacing into the club scene in the near future.
T-Pain - Im Dancin (Feat. Flo Rida)


Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Protohype Remix)

Ok so this song isnt exactly new. But its relatively new to me, and im noticing it will probably be new to most of you. Just another solid dubstep song to bump.

Top Flight - Swagged Out

A couple weeks back I told all you guys that we would be bringing you some more new material from Top Flight. Turns out the wait is shorter than expected. Top Flight has 2 new singles on Swagged Out Volume 1, which features solid mashes from a bunch of different artists.

Heres the download link for the entire album: Swagged Out: Volume 1 (Download)

Not done yet though, lemme show some respect for one song in particular from the tape. Shine on is better than any song off his first album The Print Shop. Good shit.

e-dubble - Written Thursday (Mixtape)

My man e-dubble is a freestyle freak. Coming out of Baltimore, Maryland, he challenged himself to release a freestyle track, every Friday for a whole year. And after 365 days, and about 50+ tracks later, he completed it. I most certainly haven't heard all of them, but the ones that I have heard are absolutely awesome and super creative. This mixtape, Written Thursday, throws 23 of the best freestyles and links them together seamlessly for continuous listening. Here's a player so you can sample some of the mixtape before you click the link below to go and download his mixtape for free:

Written Thursday

e-dubble - Written Thursday (Download)


Brenton Duvall - Tryouts (Feat. Childish Gambino)

Brenton does it again. The man has slowly grow from mash-up artist, to one of the game's more well known producers. I remember listening to "Mean Planes and Taylor Gangs" and thinking that he had serious potential. Now he's producing beats for people all over the place including Young Prince, Kam Royal and many others. This track samples Gambino's verses from a song from his mixtape The Culdesac and is extremely well put together. Imagine both of them collaborating on a song, that would be on repeat for days. Player and Download below.

TRYOUTS (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino)

Lupe Fiasco - All Black Everything

Lupe is continuing to leak great songs from his album like he said he would. Lasers, which is due out March 8th, has the potential to be an album that could maintain a longevity of success because each track is simply a work of art. His new song, "All Black Everything" is a track the Lupe has declared as "one of the best he's ever made." This song is more of an informative track and speaks volumes to African-American history and influence. I simply cannot wait for this album, and I might actually go out and buy the whole thing.

Mac Miller - She Said

Mac Miller is officially here. His first single "Knock Knock" is officially listed on iTunes for purchasing. And just today, he made XXL Magazine's Class of 2011, which highlights the hot new talents in the Hip-Hop Industry. As a gift to his fans to celebrate, he released this new song called "She Said". Another typical Mac song, and they continue to be great. Mac is continuing to grow, not only as another college kid trying to make it, because he's definitely there. Now he's fine tuning his talents, and taking them to a whole new level. Player and download below. 

Mac Miller - She Said


Ne-Yo - Tonight Give (Me Everything)

New Ne-Yo track, whose name I haven't heard of much as of recently. I was more of a fan of his slow R&B tracks such as "So Sick" from his initial album. However, he's started doing more uptempo songs such as "Beautiful Monster" one of his last singles. Regardless, Ne-Yo can take any song, fast or slow, and sing about women with ease. This new track, "Tonight Give" is no different. I like it more than "Beautiful Monster" and it's definitely more club oriented. Not sure if it's going to blow up as a very popular track, but I could see DJs doing lots of club remixes to this track. Player and Download below.

Ne-Yo - Tonight (Give Me Everything)

Kam Royal - Lyrical Exercises (1 & 2)

Kam Royal continues to make good music. We haven't featured him in a post specifically yet, but his "Starry Eyed Remix" track was featured when we discussed Elie Goulding. But Kam deserves his own time in the spotlight, because he seems to have shot up quicker than most artists do. Kam's been taking his music more seriously, and the results are showing. His first mixtape, Business as Usual, received great feedback, and is a must download. Now, along with his upcoming mixtape with fellow DC Native Young Prince, Kam has been dropping tracks he calls Lyrical Exercises. Both of these show Kam's flexibility as a rapper, with clever lyricism and a flow that's rather spot on. Check them both out, and if you're feeling his vibe, go like him on Facebook or follow him on twitter @KamRoyal.


Donnis - Me & My Boo

Donnis. Another rapper slowly making a name for himself. His song "Gone" is a party anthem with a catchy chorus and clever wordplay. "Me & My Boo" is the second single from his next project Southern Lights. Donnis definitely has the tools to continue to grow as an artist, with a unique sound to his vocals, and with catchy hooks, he's gunna be hard to miss.

Donnis - Me & My Boo

Fortune Family - Paradox (EP)

I swear there's a lyrical talent in almost every state in the nation, you just need to do some research. This duo from NYU, Hop and Reef, are two very talented MC's. I first heard of them when I saw their music video for "My Energy" which is the track on the player below. Honestly, that song was on repeat for so long because I fell in love with that chorus. But this EP, there newest release, sports names like Hoodie Allen and OnCue to help the resume. Download Link above the player.

Fortune Family - Paradox (EP) (Download Link)

Fortune Family - My Energy.mp3

Chiddy Bang - Baby Roulette (Feat. Train)

Alright so I've definitely been slack as of lately in regards to sharing music with everyone. The reason I started this blog was to make posts daily, because I wanted to let everyone know about the new stuff that was coming out, and do it on a consistent basis. As of recently, i've been a little bit busier, but I'm going to make a much better effort going forward, and I apologize for my lack of efforts.

New Chiddy Bang has been leaked featuring a sample from the alternative group Train. Seriously, Xaphoon Jones can sample anyone and make it sound dope. Also, Chiddy does his usual lyrical work, and it sounds like his usual flow, which is enjoyable for me. Cannot wait for this duo to drop an album, with all the Xaphoon production, Chiddy lyricism, and hot sampling.

Baby Roulette (Ft. Train) - Chiddy Bang


Feel Good - Modestep

Oh lord. Oh yes. Paraphrased quotes from my mouth when I gave this a listen on the good 'ole Youtube. Just straight filthy.

Modestep - Feel Good


Needed Change - Skrillex (Feat. 12th Planet)

If you havent figured it out by now, I love me some Skrillex. You can find him all over my iTunes library. Most of my friends are probably tired of hearing for months now about how much I enjoy his music. And this song is no exception. The picture above features him and Rusko side by side, and his tour has become a worldwide smash hit. Definitely give this new single a listen.

Needed Change - Skrillex ft 12th Planet


Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks

Does this face look familiar? You probably recognize it from the once popular "Bro-Rape" video that traveled through the internet via Derrick Comedy. Donald Glover, is an actor, writer and musician known as "Childish Gambino". You also may have seen him on the TV Series Community on ABC. Gambino's rap career has been highlighted with a couple of mixtapes, the most recent one being Culdesac in which his rap topics take on more serious topics than his previous ones. His new track, "Freaks and Geeks" is a free verse song with no chorus, but some of the bars in this song are very clever. I usually am not a fan of songs where rappers just throw together lines that rhyme about their lives, girls, partying, etc. But Gambino's unique voice delivering those bars makes it a lil more captivating for my attention. Player and download below:

Freaks And Geeks- Childish Gambino


Wale - The Break Up Song (Feat. Morgan Freeman)

That's correct, Morgan Freeman, opens up the music video with an almost minute long narrative to set the background for the story. The new music video for the song was recently shot at Howard University in Washington D.C. This song was originally featured on his mixtape More About Nothing but has blown up recently due to the video and the up and coming Valentines Day. Video above, download below:

Wale - The Break Up Song


Paper Diamond - Levitate

We posted about Pretty Lights earlier this month, but Paper Diamond is a new artist on their label. Producer Alex B, takes these electronic tacks and allows the high energy to take over. Deep bass and rumbles set the tone underneath synths, melodies, and vocal drops. I personally love the album because each track sounds unique. You can download the album and donate to Pretty Lights Music below the player:

Paper Diamond - Levitate EP

Download: Paper Diamond - Levitate


Tiesto & Hardwell - Zero 76

Tiesto needs no introduction. His resume reads like a novel, and MixMag just dubbed him Greatest DJ of All-Time. He hopped on this track with Hardwell, who to be honest I was not familiar with up until today. Voted best new electro-house DJ of 2010 and combining with a household name like Tiesto, look for alot more from each in the future.

Tiesto & Hardwell - Zero 76

Sam Adams - Coming Home

Alright I recognize I'm a little late on this song and this post, but that's because this song slowly grew on me. This track is in the complete different direction of Sam's usual upbeat party style tracks. "Coming Home" features a Sammy sung chorus, and some verses that reminisce about being back in Boston. At first, I felt this was a little out of his element, but after listening to it a couple of times, it grew on me. Now it's somewhat  of a feel good jam that makes me think about being back in the house I grew up in. Player and Download below:

Sam Adams - Coming Home

Top Flight - The Print Shop

A good friend showed me some of Top Flights mash-ups a couple months back and thought it had potential. Since then, this college mash artist has added more than a few new fans. Still work to be done, but definitely give this album a listen.

Goone - Grapefruit Starship

Disregard the unique title, Goone means serious business. I had heard about Goone through a friend of mine, and heard his collaboration "Just a Dream" featuring Kam Royal. (Both of which, are opening for Machine Gun Kelly at University of Missouri this weekend) When his mixtape Grapefruit Starship had been released, I had enjoyed "Just a Dream" so much originally, that I figured that I would give this mixtape a chance. And I was simply blown away.

What even makes this tape more unique, is the track-list is a story:

Grapefruit Starship takes you through the journey of Goone’s world.  After falling in love, Goone’s heart is torn apart by the very woman that captured it.  He is sent into a hypnotic whirldwind of drinking, smoking, and partying, working to drown his past.  Amidst his psychedelic spiral, Goone winds up stumbling into a vision of his future; a prophecy that pulls him back onto his feet and into a world he never could have dreamed.  On a path elevated to new and unimaginable heights, Goone prepares for the unstoppable ride that lies ahead. This is Grapefruit Starship.

This tape features many other up-and-coming artists as well including Kam Royal, Drew32, Loggy & Mike Stud. Also on a couple of tracks he gets great contrasting tones on his choruses from Titus Ramiz & Lauren Vogel. His beats are crazy dope, and his lyrics are strong, but still very clever. This is a must download. Download the whole thing for free at Datpiff. Here's the player for the preview:

Tinie Tempah - Wonderman (Feat. Ellie Goulding)

This track wreaks of British invasion. Rather than another Ellie Goulding dubstep remix, we see her share this track with Tinie Tempah. If you haven't heard of Tinie, thats because he's a growing sensation in the US, but his name is well-known in his home country of the UK. His first album Disc-Overy debuted his talents as a rapper with hit singles including "Written in the Stars" and "Miami 2 Ibiza". This track has a very unique feel to it, with multiple genres blending well together. Not to mention Ellie Goulding's beautiful voice all over the Chorus. This song may not be he best offering to music, but Tinie Tempah is about to take the US by storm.

Tinie Tempah Feat. Ellie Goulding - Wonderman

And here is a more electronic/house version of the song. The Wonderman Jacob Planet Remix. It slows the track down a little bit, but I still enjoy it.

Tinie Tempah Feat. Ellie Goulding - Wonderman Jacob Plant Remix


Rusko- Everyday

Day by day Rusko is growing in popularity. Ive been following him for awhile now, and he produces music that never fails to pump me up. He has yet to fail me, and his new single Everyday is no exception. Look for him to get even bigger in 2011, using his brilliant producing mind behind many different types of artists such as Sam Adams and even newer Britney Spears.

Rusko - Everyday

Rock City - Keep It Coming

Which leads me to make this post about Rock City. This dynamic duo from St. Thomas on the US Virgin Islands bring a unique tropical sound to their R&B Jams. Timothy and Theron Thomas are two brothers on a mission to bring their music to the mainstream. Since their dispute with their last label, they've started their own label "Rebelution". Funny fact about them, they were originally on the hook for the song "Forever" by Drake, but after the initial artist (Kardinal Offshall) didn't use it on his album, the beat was re-sold to Drake, and the super hit was created.
Here's one of their more recent tracks, entitled "Keep It Coming". Also, below that, here's one of their top singles from 2010, "Morning Noon and Night" which was produced by David Guetta. Rock City is possibly one of my favorite artists just because of their unique sound that they bring to the table. Cannot wait for their next mixtape, Struggles and Love Songs.

Rock City - Keep It Coming

Rock City - Morning Noon & Night (Prod. By David Guetta)

Akon - Wanna Rock (Feat. Rock City)

This is officially a BANGER. This song by Akon featuring Rock City from the Virgin Islands just recently was released. It's ironic because of the huge contractual dispute Rock City had with Akon's label. Basically, the group signed to Konvict Musik, but the label refused to put their record out, so Rock City dipped. But this song is hot, and is probably the leader in the movement to get all these secret collaboration tracks out with Akon and Rock City. No download link avaliable.

Cam Meekins - Livin It Up

New song from young and talented artist. I honestly had never come across Cam Meekins, so this was my first track that I had heard from him. This rapper from Boston has created a substantial buzz for himself. And get this, the kid is only 17 and still in high school. This track "Livin It Up" is from his up and coming mixtape 1993. The chorus is very recognizable which is probably why this song is so catchy for me. But if most of the songs are as catchy as this one, it will be a definite download for me.

Livin it Up - Cam Meekins

Featured below is a song with a similar hook from Drake. In fact, thinking about it now, it's very similar to the Tom's Diner chorus, just sped up a little bit.

Drake - I Get Paper

Mac Miller - Donald Trump

New Mac Miller. This is the first leak from his next mixtape, Best Day Ever. His first mixtape, K.I.D.S. (Kickin Incredibly Dope Shit) was one of, if not the best mixtape of 2010, and is a must download if you're not familiar with him. Mac's typical flow is apparent on this one, and the anticipation for the new tape is slowly starting to build. And i'm already excited.
Mac Miller - Donald Trump


Big Sean - My Last (Feat. Chris Brown)

Big Sean's first single from his upcoming album Finally Famous: The Album. My Last delivers chorus from Chris Brown, and serves as a stellar contrast in tone to Big Sean's monotone but strong choruses. Big Sean continues his strong lyricism with lines such as:

"Put her hand down my pants, now she rockin Sean John."

This track is very easy to listen to, and certainly has the potential to be bigger. Unfortunately, the clean version is the only one that's been leaked so far, but the player will be updated one the other version comes out. Download link below:

Big Sean (Feat. Chris Brown) - My Last


Jungle Fiction

Here's another group that I recently stumbled across, but have a couple of their songs constantly on repeat. Jungle Fiction, a group from Reykjavik, Iceland, is a group thats all about the Electro/Jungle/Tropical feel. I stumbled on them completely by accident, but their song "Heat of the Nite" is a techno track that I cannot stop listening to. Their "Transhuman (F.O.O.L Remix)" is also a rather quality electronic track.They have an EP Album called Heat of the Nite which is 6 of their tracks, and you can listen to all of the tracks below: 

Heat Of The Nite EP

Tom's Diner

One of my favorite tracks of all time, has to be "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega. This catchy acapella song from the 80's is a throwback gem that reached #5 on the Billboard Top 100. It's laid back, easy going feel to it is complemented by the "Duh Duh Duh" chorus and it's lack of any rhyme scheme. However, what really makes this track more appealing to me, is how it has inspired other artists. See what im talking about below, with the original track, and others:

Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega)

Now, take this track, and to apply it to today's scene, Dirty Impact v. Royal XtC has turned it into an electronic hit. Maybe not as popular, but stays true to the original song, and uses all the verses and choruses to deliver a laidback techno track.

Dirty Impact vs Royal XTC - Toms Diner Electro

Now lets go in a completely different direction. Southern rapper, Yo Gotti, samples the chorus only for his hit, "Standing in the Kitchen". I guess you have to have a kitchen in a diner...and thats why it works? It doesn't deliver much to the song other than to link the verses together, but it gets stuck in your head, which is why Tom's Diner still has a lasting impression in my head.

Standing in the Kitchen - Yo Gotti

Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods (Taylor Gang)

Taylor Gang or Die. Most blogs that I follow have been posting this "new" song called "Taylor Gang" which is about Wiz and his crew. In fact, it features one of his crew members Chevy Woods, another talented artist. Honestly, either I didn't think this track was new, or when I saw Wiz Khalifa in January in concert, he was exhibiting one of his new tracks, because this song was definitely on the set list. Whatever the case is with that song, it's still another solid track from Wiz. Chevy Woods, his running mate on the track, is also working on his solo career. So below the Taylor Gang song, is Chevy Woods' hit single from his upcoming EP Red Cup Music, entitled "Jimmy Fallon".

Wiz Khalifa-Taylor Gang

ChevyWoods - Jimmy Fallon

Buckwheat Groats - (Take U 2 Da) Shopping Mall

Now I know this sounds like a joke of a post. And in some aspects, it is. But it's such a good joke that it needs to be shared. These two guys, "Penis" Bailey, and Lil' Dinky, form the group, Buckwheat Groats. Now you look at the title of their song, and you're like, "These guys cant be serious, right?" But what makes it an enjoyable video and song, is the fact that they are serious. Groats takes some of the more common activities in daily life, like going to the mall, and turns it into a funny, enjoyable song. And to the surprise of everyone who hears this song, their rhymes and flow are actually impressive and better than you'd expect. Download Link below:

BUCKWHEAT GROATS - (Take U 2 Da) Shopping Mall


Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi is a smart dude. And he's seriously starting a trend that is soon to catch on everywhere. You would think that it's common sense. Hip-Hop, good. Electronic/Dance, good. Put them together, amazing. Benassi has teamed up with the likes of T-Pain (above video) and Chris Brown (track below) to put together some instant dance tracks. With T-Pain on the hook, and rapping the choruses with his usual auto-tune, Electroman is an upbeat party track for sure. However, with Chris Brown, there is more focus on Benassi, with Chris only singing the hooks, and not much lyrical work. However, that one is a great dancing/club track. Other DJs have started to pick up on this trend as well, as it is sure to start a huge movement in the culture of music today.
Chris Brown — Beautiful People (Feat. Benny Benassi)

Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Feat. Lil Wayne)

So it seems like nowadays any song with a whiff of Wayne becomes an instant hit. His releases since he left Rikers have been all over my music library, but this one tops them all. As soon as I saw that Wayne hopped on a track with Mike Posner I knew it was gonna be good. Ive been following Posner for almost 3 years now and his voice is just on point. Similar Wayne collabos such as "Let it Rock" (Kevin Rudolf) fail to compare favorably, and he always seems at his best when he is given one verse to put his mark on.

Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow feat Lil Wayne

Fowl - Ambassador Bridge (w/Video)

Coming straight out of Detroit, FowL is a big boy, with some big rhymes. Ever since he won Red Bull's EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile Competition, which you can view here, he's been turning some heads. His Mixtape Live From the D is a solid tape that talks about his city which he proudly represents. I love his in your face mentality, and how he goes hard and spits about what he believes in and stands for.The top song from the tape for me is definitely "Ambassador Bridge" where he represents the city of Detroit proudly. Download link below on the player:

Fowl - The Ambassador Bridge.mp3

Bruno Mars - Grenade (Passion Pit Remix)

Just heard this one for the first time. Honestly, Bruno Mars is very hit or miss for me. I really enjoyed Just the Way You Are, but hated Grenade. Honestly, I understand the message he's trying to convey, but ladies, no one is going to jump in front of a train for you. That being said, Passion Pit takes the Grenade track and turns it into something completely enjoyable. Download link below:

Grenade (Passion Pit Remix) - Download Link

Hoodie Allen - Dreams Up

Another up and coming name, Hoodie Allen. If you aren't familiar with the talented rapper from New York, you need to do two things:
1. Go download Pep Rally his first mixtape, and listen to the whole thing. Each track is great, and his wordplay and flow are always spot on.
2. After you appreciate the whole thing, take a listen to the track below. "Dreams" is the first single off of his next mixtape, and if all the tracks are as good as this, I honestly cannot wait for it.
Dreams Up

Kwame Darko - Urban Prep I The Mixtape

Here's a name you're probably unfamiliar with, but you should learn about. Kwame Darko, a Washington D.C. native, and former University of Maryland soccer player, chose music over a potential professional career. After being selected to appear on producer and former Def Jam intern Alex Kresovich's album The Crowned Prince, several doors opened. His first official Tangerine Tinted Sunglasses, also gained very positive reviews. Urban Prep The Mixtape is his first major project. Doing his take on popular songs such as "Speakers Going Hammer", "Power", and "Beamer Benz or Bentley", Kwame does his thing and lets his lyrics do the talking. He let's you know where he's been, and what he's about. Here is the whole mixtape for you to preview:

Kwame Darko - Urban Prep Mixtape

And if you're liking what you're hearing, you can go to Datpiff.com and get the Mixtape, FOR FREE:
Kwame Darko - Urban Prep (Download Link)

Clinton Sparks - Unless We Fuckin (Feat. Akon)

Talk about straight to the point with this one. I feel like today everyone is using Akon on their tracks, either because he signs on for cheap, or people really appreciate his voice on the chorus/hook. This track isn't as fast as I probably would like it to be, but it still has potential to be a certified club hit and a must have for any dance playlist. No download link, but still enjoy:

Akon & Clinton Sparks - Unless We Fuckin


Theophilus London - Why Even Try (Feat. Sara Q)

One of the most underrated artists doing his thing today has to be Theophilus London. His style, is insanely unique. His rhyme patterns are not always the same, and his flow is intentionally choppy, to mix up the sound of the track. This song, from his upcoming EP Lovers Holiday is my personal favorite song right now. The beat is hypnotizing yet upbeat. His rhymes aren't perfect, but excellent. And i'm a sucker for a female voice on the hook, and Sara Q delivers beautifully. No download, but the EP comes out on February 8th, so here's the preview:

Theophilus London ft. Sara Q "Why Even Try"

Pretty Lights

Another name that's soon to become household is Pretty Lights. The electronic duo from Colorado have blown up as of recently, due to their appearances at live shows. They've also started their own label, Pretty Lights Music, which has three other up-and-coming electronic artists in their arsenal. All of whom, are solid. There 3 albums of 2010 Making Up a Changing Mind, Spilling Over Every Side, and Glowing in the Darkest Night have something for everybody. Glowing in the Darkest Night is my favorite of the three, with really mellow tunes. As of recently, there was such a demand for their "Unreleased Mixes" on their Youtube page, that they compiled a brief EP of all their hits which includes remixes of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind and Kanye West's All of the Lights. You can find all of their albums, along with the three artists under their label at their homepage here: 

Pretty Lights Homepage

And here's a song from their Unreleased Mixes of 2010, Kanye West's All of the Lights:
Kanye West - All Of The Lights Remix (Pretty Lights)

Milkman - Algorithms

In today's music scene, mash-ups are becoming increasingly popular. Taking tracks that you wouldnt think would go together, syncing them up and making a killer track out of them. Although people seem to be familiar with The White Panda and Girl Talk, Milkman is another Mash-Up DJ you should be aware of. Coming straight out of California, he has spent year perfecting his technique and practicing the use of sampling and syncing. His latest mixtape, Algorithms is no acception to what you'd expect from him. You can download that and his other mash-up albums Lactose and THC (2008) and Circle of Fifths (2009) on his webpage by clicking this link, and the "Music" tab at the top of his page:

Milkman Homepage

Meanwhile, here's one of his top hits from Circle of Fifths called "Silhouette":

Silhouette - Milkman

DJ Skeetox - Black & Yellow v. Green & Yellow

Everyone's gearing up for the big game tomorrow. But maybe some of you aren't going as hard as DJ Skeetox. Skeetox went ahead and took Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow (G-Mix)" and Lil Wayne's "Green & Yellow" and threw them together to make a huge Super Bowl Remix Track. Snoop Doog spits his verse from the G-Mix to back up Wiz Khalifa and the Terrible Towel Nation, while Lil Wayne gets two verses from his clever remake. Also, adding the rock sound to the track, makes it more football appropriate in my opinion. I'm just ready to crown a champion of the NFL, and maybe the "_____ & Yellow" songs.


DJ A-Trak - Dirty South Dance 2

Before anyone says anything, I realize this album is a tad late, but come on, it's quality! DJ A-Trak is one of the leaders in Mainstream and Electronic Mash-Ups today. Here's what BPM Magazine had to say about him:

"No longer is it a crime to mash-up hip-hop acapella into a techno track. In this arena, A-Trak, aka Alan Macklovitch, leads the pack. The 27 year-old Montreal native rides the line between hip-hop and electronic beats in a refreshing hybrid of everything ass-shaking." - BPM Magazine, Issue No. 86

Dirty South Dance 2 is a compilation of his party/dance hits. This whole album is straight filthy and sure to get the place moving. Two of my favorite tracks are featured below. The first one features Ludacris' "How Low Can You Go" and the second one features Lil Wayne's "We Be Steady Mobbin". Enjoy:

03 How Low Can U Bake

We Don't Want No Goblins

If you're liking what you're hearing, you can download the whole mixtape at DJ A-Trak's Bandcamp Site: DJ A-Trak's Bandcamp

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Say (Feat. Skylar Grey)

Two things.
1. This blog loves Lupe Fiasco. Personally, I think he is one of the most, if not the most intelligent rappers in the mainstream music scene today.
2. If you didn't already know about his album, Lasers, which is dropping March 8th and supposed to be one of the Albums of the Year, you need to get caught up.

Lupe Fiasco does a wonderful job of speaking his mind, tying it into current events, and still delivering a catchy and interesting song that people will enjoy. Some of the lyrics in this song still blow my mind, and yet, not because of the controversy that they could create, but because he does it so masterfully with his flow.

No download link because the song is set to be on his album. But you can check out the playlist for the album here: Lasers Official Track List

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said (Ft. Skylar Grey)

G-Eazy - Right Now

For those of you looking for a party starting song, this is the one. G-Eazy, a rapper from the Bay Area, delivers on this track. "Right Now" featuring Team Robot is a chill party-starting track. G-Eazy's uniqueness comes from not only his clever rhymes, but his somewhat distinctive voice. Team Robot's flow serves as a good contrast to his, making this track a must on any party playlist.

"If there's a party, scream loud right now."

Elie Goulding - Starry Eyed

Another name that's breaking into the music industry is Ellie Goulding. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but her voice is very unique which allows for her pop-style to shine through. But, you've probably heard her in the background to MANY dubstep remixes of her songs, the most popular being "Starry Eyed". Many artists have done different things with the track, and turned it into their own unique creation. Some have left the track as a slow jam, others have sped up the track to give it a different feel. Listen below and comment at what you think is the best:

On this version, Kam Royal, an up-and-coming rapper out of Tulane University, exhibits his skills on the Starry Eyed Beat, by making a laidback almost slowjam party mix:
Starry Eyed (KAM Royal Remix)

On this version, we have a two song Mash-Up, keeping the Starry Eyed beat slow. When paired with Wiz Khalifa's hit single "Say Yeah", this is a very good 1v1 Mash-Up:
Say Yeah Starry Eyed People

But others have taken the beat, and sped it up. For example, Graffick, a rapper out of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, has paired up with fellow artist Epidemic, and used their flow to make this hit:
Graffick Feat. Epidemic - The Star

And it can also make a solid party track when sped up. As another 1v1 Mash-Up, paired with Brisco's "On the Wall", this one turns into a heavy hitting party jam that'll get all the ladies grinding like a skateboard:
On the Starry Wall


Artist Profile - Skrillex

For those of you that haven't heard of Skrillex, or his music and how he's changing people's minds about Electro/Dubstep, you need to become familiar. Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, has continued to make a name for himself ever since he decided to pursue a solo career in 2008. After going on tour with Deadmau5, and signing to the Mau5trap label, his name has continued to grow in the music scene. Personally, I was not immediately attracted to his music, but it slowly grew on me, and now I play a number of his tracks, including ones from his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - EP. Skrillex is on the rise as a DJ and a musician, so keep a look out for him as his popularity continues to increase.

My personal favorite that i've heard from him, is when he contrast his heavy base and dubstep with a female artist sample, such as La Roux's "In for the Kill":

La Roux - In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix)

Skrillex also takes already popular techno songs, like Beny Benassi's "Cinema" Featuring Gary Go and throws his own flavor into the song:

Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Here is one of Skrillex's more popular single tracks, "Slats Slats Slats":

Slats slats slats

Nelly - Just a Dream (Braincreator Sexy Remix)

I know that this song was on the top of the charts for a while, with Nelly almost singing the hook. But Braincreator took this already popular track, and turned it into an absolute dance party. Here's the Just a Dream (Braincreator Sexy Remix). Listen and download below.

Nelly - Just A Dream Braincreator Sexy Remix by hitschart